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Q: Why does the fan not run when I plug in my power supply ?
The fan is Proportional (load and heat driven). If you are operating with enough load applied, the unit will begin to warm up and at a pre determined point the fan will turn on and speed up if heat increases. Our products are tested at 100% load twice before shipping and have no problem running at full load.
    A: The capacitors on the circuit board are recharging.

Q: My Bulldog is a little warm even though I don't have a "load" applied ?
The warmth comes from a small resistor that creates just enough of a "load" to keep the circuitry awake.  If there were a "no-load" condition, the power supply would go to sleep and the output voltage (as viewed from a digital volt meter) would ramble until the power supply was awakened. This is inherent in power supplies that have regulated outputs.

Q: Do I need to use the external grounding lug ?
The lug is for 3 reasons:
                1. If the outlet you have your power supply plugged into is an outlet without a ground, it provides a place to attach a ground wire.
                2. If you are using your power supply permanently in or on a metal location (building, work bench, RV, etc.), it is suggested that you bond the power supply chassis and that metal surface together.
                 3. The lug can be used to provide RF shielding in or near transmitters such as CB or Amateur Radio stations. It is also used in Commercial environments.

Q: Why didn't the external fuse blow when I shorted out the D/C output ?
The power supply has a "non-fused" internal shut-down protection circuit that shuts the power supply down in the event of an overload or short circuit.  The fuses are there to protect against reverse polarity connections to a battery.  If attached to a power source like a battery with the wrong polarity ( "+" and "-" contacts reversed), the fuses will blow.  It may be possible to blow the fuses if you are operating near the maximum output of the power supply and you do short circuit the output.  No power output is available when the fuses are blown.

Q: Why is there 1 or 2 fuses in my bulldog power supply ?
 The 15 and 30 amp models only need one fuse (though some were made with 2) to protect against reverse polarity.  All units 45 amp and greater have 2 fuses for proper protection.

Q: I Blew my fuse, but I can't get it out,.. What gives ?
There are 2 small phillips screws (recessed) between the fuse slots. Those need to be loosened slightly to release the fuse blade clamps.  Be sure to tighten these screws back after you replace your fuse's).

Q: Why isn't there an off/on switch on the power supply?

      A:   If there were an off/on switch,  it would weld itself closed at some time because of large power surges caused while the capacitors load up during power up. Also there is no need since the power supply operates in a very low power state when not in use.

Q: Can I adjust the voltage output of my power supply?

          A:      Yes, but the instructions are only for the 90 amp model and the Slot Car Track model.  Other units have an adjustment but not in the same place.  Also note that the adjustment will only adjust the voltage -/+ 1.5 volts. Some will go a little farther.  Do so at your own risk, Damage caused by trying to adjust the unit is not covered by the warrantee.

If you have other questions, call: (615) 292-1260