Hydra II Super Capacitor 60+ Farads
Bull dog Tough!
                                         NEW MODEL,  NEW LOWER PRICE ! 
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  New Design, More Power ! 10 + More farads capacitance.  Now 60+ Farad !  

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  With the US now incapable of producing most semiconductors, we are at the mercy of China,s control of this market ! What does this mean? As of this date, there are only enough components in all of the US to build less than 75 of these capacitors and there is a 45 week delay on replacement parts. This is something you are witnessing in the automotive industry as well. 

The "Hydra II" Super Capacitor


We've done it Again!, more power, more reserve than ever before, we are offering the final solution to your capacitor needs for Slot Car Racing, TRUE 60+ Farad Capacitors.  These are among the Largest Capacitors In The World !  Capacitance Values this large are only available with the latest modern technology.  A Rivergate Exclusive !

  • Use One of these across your 12~16.5 volt supply to provide HUGE amounts of startup current.  Whatever your application, these will fit the bill.  Capable of supplying almost a thousand amps for a short time to supply that extra boost of current when you need it for startups.  Racetrack operators can use them to boost and protect their power supplies during a race start. 
  • Can replace batteries used for race start surges on slot car tracks.
  • Also used to filter DC supplies to absolutely eliminate any hum or ac ripple.
  •  Can actually power the racetrack for a few seconds in the event of a power failure or dropout. (As much as 10 seconds or more on some tracks). This gives you the edge to provide solid, proven lap times with a consistent power delivery previously unheard of..
  • Great for Car Sound systems from 200 watts to 2500 watts. No one beats this capability!


For the last several years we have tried to find a capacitor that is reliable and of good enough quality to offer it for sale to our valued customers.  After many disappointments from junk made in China, we discontinued selling them... UNTIL NOW.
See the competitors Junk ! Click here

The "Hydra" is a powerhouse of a capacitor.  Rated at a conservative 60+ Farads, it has no equal.  If you tech people will do a R/C time constant test on the so called 1, 5, or even 30 farad capacitors you have, you will be in for a shock.  We have measured 30 farad rated capacitors at a paltry .8 farad.  Yes you read it right, .8 farad.  Based on a new technology we are now offering a Super Capacitor that is a true 60+ Farads... and you can prove it with  the R/C time constant test to determine capacitance values.  Look up the formula and try it on your 'foreign' made stuff.

Proudly made here in America!  We make them ourselves, with American labor. 

All Models rated 0 to 17.5 Volts DC Max Voltage rating.
60+ Farads of True, Real, capacitance.  Very low ESR. 22mΏ max.
Minimum Requirements: A 55 Amp power supply to charge the capacitor is the absolute minimum, smaller units will charge the capacitor, but it will overload them and require several cycles of powering up the supply to fully charge it. Optionally you can use a 5 or 10 Ohm 20 watt resistor in series to charge up with your supply and then connect it directly to a smaller supply. (Note, this method will take several minutes to reach full charge)
Size ~ 9.5 inches long, 3 inches high, 1.8 inches wide.
 Please note warnings below.

 Word on the street is the Hydra II is the Cap to get, you will never need anything else. "The Best, Most Powerful, Money Can Buy..."

"We use them exclusively on our track"

"Before, I was getting complaints of power loss, but not with these new Hydra Capacitors"

  Note: In stock units will ship same day or one business day.  If we are sold out, typical waiting times are 5 to 10 days for more to be built and shipped.

  Hydra II Super Capacitor

  60+  Farad   Regular Pricing $ 495.00   Add to cart to see special pricing
  60+ Farad: Height  ~ 9.25 inches long, 3 inches high, 1.8 inches wide.


"out of stock"

* We say "True" capacitance because nearly all 1 farad + manufacturers make false claims about the value of their capacitors.  We have measured capacitors rated at 32 farads at a true value of only .8 farad, yes you read it right, .8 farad.  The test used was the standard RC time constant test known for years in the engineering community. That's an overrating of 40 times!  


Hyrda Super Capacitors can supply massive current into a dead short and cause a fire in small wiring.  Do not use wiring smaller than 12 a.w.g. to charge or operate these capacitors.  Recommended minimum wire size is 10 a.w.g. (American Wire Gauge)

Do not short the capacitor terminals to discharge it, this will cause the internal reset breaker to trip and repeated discharging can cause the breaker to fail if tripped many times in this manner.

Use only in a clean, well ventilated location that will not be in direct contact with humans to prevent injury or electrical shock.

Do not over voltage the capacitor, this will void the warrantee and eventually shorten the life of the capacitor.

Do not place near a fire or heater where the capacitor will be exposed to high temperatures, a fire might result causing property damage or loss of life.

Do not place where the capacitor may fall and hit someone causing injury or death.

Purchaser or user assumes all risks in connecting and operating this capacitor and assumes all responsibility in operating said product with safe connections and location and parameters.